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" Cairo- PanOrient News An Egyptian activist and blogger, Alia al Mihdi, sent shock waves across her conservative Muslim country by posting totally nude photos of herself on her blog "to protest against the oppression and the confiscation of the freedom of expression especially against women.

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" "Yes," he replied, "and the state bears the burden of proving it is not "[45] Nevertheless, on December 9, 1983[42] Justice William J Brennan denied the request [19][20] News of the situation made national papers, and a Galveston Daily News opinion commented, tongue-in-cheek, "The Supreme Court has ruled on some 'towering' cases in its long and distinguished history, but none more 'monumental' than the State of Massachusetts vs Chesty Morgan "[44] Morgan's performances at the lounge in December dispensed with the audience interaction, but, claiming that the ban on touching infringed on her right to freedom of expression, she filed an appeal to the December decision [18] The appeal was argued on September 19, 1984,[46] again claiming that Morgan's performance was "protected expression " On November 2 the decision was made against Morgan and George F Alexopoulos, the owner of Alex's Lounge [20] The opinion of the court was that, since the town had no intention of further action against the lounge, and injuction was unnecessary [47] [edit] Later 1980s About 1984 one of Morgan's two daughters died in a car accident In an eventful life with many trials, Morgan commented of her daughter's death, "It was the greatest tragedy of my life "[3] After meeting Morgan on a TV talk show in Boston, humorist Dave Berry wrote, "She has a very interesting and tragic life story, and I wouldn't be surprised if, in the very near future, she comes out with a book "[6] It was reported in 1984 that Lloyds of London had insured Morgan's bust [48] For the Christmas season of 1984, Morgan had the distinction of being the subject of a question in the "Sexual Trivia" game Her question was: "What is the reported chest size of Chesty Morgan? com brianna budner nude brianna domont nude tlts brittany soileau nude bsdm bsdm girl buff legs and ass bulle ogier nude.

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Rising fame: Miss Maroney was seen sporting the Louis Vuitton Speedy handbag left in LA yesterday The Team USA competitor shared the gold medal in women's artistic team all-around with her teammates and also picked up a silver medal in the women's vault event at the recent Olympic Games.

Sila Sahin: Nude Photo of Egyptian Blogger Shocks Conservative Country An Egyptian activist and blogger, Alia al Mihdi, sent shock waves across her conservative Muslim country by posting totally nude photos of herself on her blog protest against the oppressi

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"[22] Another sports related figure to attend Morgan's show was Bart Starr, Jr , the son of the Green Bay Packers' head coach In 1976, while under the Wisconsin legal drinking age, Starr and some other underage friends were enjoying alcoholic beverages before Morgan's performance Bruce Van Dyke, a Green Bay Packer guard, happened to be at the show too and noticed the young Starr at the nightclub Van Dyke approached Starr and said, laughing, "I won't tell if you won't "[39] [edit] 1979: Winnipeg The ad which The Manitoban refused to run in October 1979 When Morgan performed at the Winnipeg Playhouse in Winniepeg, Manitoba, Canada from October 26th to October 30, 1979, The Manitoban, the campus newspaper for The University of Manitoba, refused to carry the advertisement for Morgan's appearance, claiming that it was sexist [23] Morgan held a press conference on October 25, 1979, the day before her performances, in which she answered questions from representatives of print media, radio and television [7] On December 11, 1979, after nearly six years of marriage, Morgan and her husband were divorced [40] Stello and Morgan would remain friends for the rest of his life, calling each other often and spending holidays together [29] Stello also helped her through her oldest daughter's traffic accident death in New York in 1984 [4] Of her romantic life after her second marriage, Morgan said, "I like to date men and go out, but I don't want to get married One divorce is enough "[3] [edit] 1980: Hamilton, Ontario A June 1980 performance in Hamilton, Ontario, Canada caused Morgan some more legal difficulties A vice-squad officer who had attended four of Morgan's shows at Hanrahan's Tavern, arrested her after her June 27th performance [21] According to Morgan, a large number of policemen came to stare through her window by while she was in her cell "It was like Grand Central Station," she said [21] She was brought to trial in December, 1980 The Provincial Court accused the portion of her act in which she allowed patrons to touch her breasts of being indecent and "grossly vulgar" The Crown attorney stated, "She encouraged the audience to touch her breasts Breasts are a sexual organ, in my respectful submission It was a minor version of a live sex act [41] Morgan's lawyer counter-argued, "We heard from police officers, city inspectors and high school teachers, and not one of them said they were embarrassed by the performance, let alone saying they were horrified "[41] The witnesses cited by the lawyer testified that Morgan had indeed encouraged members of the mostly male audience of approximately 250 to inspect her breasts, but that the act was done humorously rather than lewdly A police sergeant also confirmed that, though he found Morgan's accent difficult to understand, he was amused by her act and laughed at several of her jokes [41] On January 29, 1981, the judge dismissed the charge He described the portion of the act which had been accused of indecency as merely "audience participation" after "a dialogue concerning the genuineness or authenticity of her ample proportions "[21] In spite of the favorable decision, Morgan said that she had "had it with Hamilton," because she had been a "victim of very, very narrow-minded people "[21] Her negative impression of Hamilton did not extend to the judge in the case whom she described as "just great; I'm crazy about him " Regretting that he had had "to waste his fine mind on listening to such nonsense," she gave him an invitation to attend one of her performances [21] [edit] 1983: Stoughton, Massachusetts In October 1983, while performing in Stoughton, Massachusetts-- 15 miles south of Boston[19]-- Morgan again came to the attention of law enforcement officials A policeman was in attendance during one of her performances [19] Her long-time practise of allowing audience members to touch her was against the town's laws Alex's Lounge, the establishment at which she had been performing, had their entertainment license suspended for one day and their liquor license suspended for five days due to Morgan's act [18] Morgan returned to perform at the lounge for a week beginning on Monday, December 12, 1983 [42] On December 7, she went to Suffolk Superior Court to request the issue of a temporary injunction to prevent the town from taking further action against the establishment [43] Morgan and the establishment argued that the purpose of this part of her act was to "establish a link between her and and the audience,"[43] and that it was unconstitutional to prevent an "occasional instance of 'touching'" during a non-obscene performance [44] Chief Justice Alan Hale asked Morgan's lawyer incredulously, "Are you seriously saying to me that this woman letting some people touch her breasts or snuggle up is protected speech? That prompted the birth of the "McKayla Is Not Impressed" Tumblr, sporting the 16-year-old's signature expression toward situations outside of gymnastics.

Sila Sahin: Nude Photo of Egyptian Blogger Shocks Conservative Country An Egyptian activist and blogger, Alia al Mihdi, sent shock waves across her conservative Muslim country by posting totally nude photos of herself on her blog protest against the oppressi

Posing as interns, Miss Maroney and her teammates performed a series of impressive gymnastics tricks before coming together to smile and wave to the audience as a group.

Sila Sahin: Nude Photo of Egyptian Blogger Shocks Conservative Country An Egyptian activist and blogger, Alia al Mihdi, sent shock waves across her conservative Muslim country by posting totally nude photos of herself on her blog protest against the oppressi

After settling for a silver medal in last Sunday's women's vault final, Maroney made waves with a pout that captured her second-place disappointment.