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If you want your students to practice some yes or no questions, some of the best activities are as follows:• Do you believe in Heaven or Hell? — Have you ever lost your cell phone? Have you ever used food during sex? Can you see the moon? Is your house under police surveillance just on Tuesdays? Have you ever fallen in love at first sight? Do interdimensional beings like to wear jewelry? — Do you wet your bed? Can you frame your Olympic Gold Medal? She holds an MA degree, along with the Celta and Delta English teaching certifications.

Having Fun at Home: 13 Yes/No Riddles


20 Questions: The Question Game

Is ESPN the channel to watch live National Football League NFL? Are the Magic Eight Ball's answers accurate? Get the book for yourself over on Amazon: Have your Say about these ESL Yes or No Activities and Games What are your thoughts about these yes or no question games and activities for ESL students? Tell the students to complete each question however they like, but they should try to write questions that require a 'yes' answer from other students.

Magic Eight (8) Ball Game: Ask Yes/No Questions for Accurate Answers

C: Do you glug every day? -Do you live with your parents? Does the Jersey Devil wear a jersey? Her confidence and self-esteem come to light.

Having Fun at Home: 13 Yes/No Riddles

Do you have more than that one pair of blue footed pajamas? No, it is purely random but thoroughly entertaining.

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? Then your opponent will try to guess the object you chose in 20 Questions or less.

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-Have you had sex in the last week? Invite one student to the front of the class and give the student a slip of paper.

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If you really want to entertain yourself and other people, then in this article we will briefly cover 107 funny yes or no questions.

20 Questions: The Question Game

The students shuffle the cards and deal them out evenly.