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Video shows backhoe crushing NYC woman to death

I am aware that it can be a dangerous game.

Wife ‘murdered’ cheating husband by crushing his testicles until he collapsed and died

James Jul 30 2012 1:44pm James yes i let them if i know they want to touch it only to see how strong they are but if i kow they want to touch it in sexual way no i do not let them i am a married woman and it is not right , yes when i wrestle i do a lot if moves but as i said i do not know names in english i arm bar them i also lift them and throw them i crush them between my body and the floor i put thier heads between my thighs and thier face to the inside just in front my ass and lock them with my legs so he can not breath any more so he lose all his power , i hope i can explane in a right way Woman Jul 30 2012 1:57pm Woman,you explain perfectly! My thighs are about 22.

Comments: Ladies Only: Who have scissored someone with their thighs /quads.

Because they have big upper body strength, then need they lower half to big too support the upper half.

Woman tramples live

Anonymous Aug 01 2012 12:08pm Woman,what you dead lift? Anonymous Jul 31 2012 3:06pm Yes a few men were tough in arm wrestling but i beat all of them even they were musclar Woman Jul 31 2012 3:07pm One time I saw a girl wrestling another girl, and they where not really do much just hold each on the floor and all of a sudden one of the girl pushed the girl head between her thighs and no lie straighted her leg all the way, so her legs where just about touching each other.

23 Signs A Younger Man Likes An Older Woman

Read on for the signs that this is the case.


James Jul 30 2012 3:29pm James,just think of Woman's scissors hold like a python snake wrapping around you squeezing you to death! it hurt and i was helpless so i tapped her thigh with my arm until she stopped.

Woman tramples live

Zack Jul 31 2012 3:35pm Yes my cousin like me even she is bigger and musclar than me and her husband is weaker than mine Woman Jul 31 2012 3:42pm Woman,whats the size of your cousin? James Aug 01 2012 11:44am James first time i wrestled i was 15 , i liked it my thighs are naturay big but it takes from me 15 years to make it 29 inches this is why women now are bigger than men we work so hard men wsnts to have muscles without any efforts Woman Aug 01 2012 11:51am James,they all hurt! i do understand what you are explaining and i think its great what you are doing and think its great for any women like you that have the drive to become very strong with big muscles and love using them to overpower the males around you! Serena, whose husband lived and worked abroad, resided at a house in Thirukazhukundram with her son and daughter.

Woman tramples live

Zack Jul 31 2012 12:16pm Zack i think yes my thighs is more than 29 inches so i think many men have smaller waist than 29 inch Woman Jul 31 2012 12:19pm that must be something to see their little bodies between your big muscles Zack Jul 31 2012 12:20pm Zack where are you from? Anonymous Aug 01 2012 12:15pm I know in lower body we are much stronger that is why it is so hard for men to beat us in wrestling Woman Aug 01 2012 12:16pm In what leg bicep? and are there more women lifting weights then men at your gyms? Kumar was heavily drunk at the time.

23 Signs A Younger Man Likes An Older Woman

James Aug 01 2012 12:23pm Woman.

23 Signs A Younger Man Likes An Older Woman

I cant compete with women his age.