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Awkward Images Of Supergirl You Can’t Unsee

Unfortunately, they try and mess with the wrong gal, and Supergirl proceeds to wreck their limbs and parts of Gotham city in an attempt to protect herself.

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Autumn is seen clinging on to her friend's head as he jogs along the sidewalk - while clutching a drink in his hand - before the video quickly cuts to the painful results of her drunken escapades.

Bottomless Fashion Photography : Sandra Gajauskaite Wu Magazine

Three of her changing bikini bottoms, taken from front• 9 BIZZARO-GIRL Imagine a world in which the Joker has absolute and total control over all reality and creation.

Kate Middleton bottomless photos published by Danish magazine Se Og Hor

The Girls of AdiCup catalog features models in a bottomless photoshoot, sporting nothing but soccer jerseys, Adidas shoes and socks.

Bottomless Soccer Shoots : Girls of AdiCup

Just a little bit traumatized! " She is then seen seconds later saying: "This is me after, I think, six mimosas" before reappearing to reveal she has now downed seven of the potent champagne and orange juice drinks.

Photos: Riders Go Bottomless On 'No Pants Metro Ride' Day (NSFW)

However, she went into a long ramble about pads, tampons, periods, etc.

Awkward Images Of Supergirl You Can’t Unsee

To keep things from getting too confusing, this list focuses primarily on Kara, cousin of Kal-El, known to us lesser humans as Superman.

Photos: Riders Go Bottomless On 'No Pants Metro Ride' Day (NSFW)

Celebrity magazine Se Og Hor See And Hear has gone further than any other publication and printed a 16-page special of photographs, including three of the Duchess of Cambridge changing her bikini bottoms — taken from the front.

Teen Girls' Most Embarrassing Stories

The clip ended with a tearful Autumn giving a gummy smile to the camera, as blood could be seen splattered her chin and around her mouth.